BNB Token

At the heart of Binance lies the BNB Exchange token which lets traders on Binance save on trading fees whilst getting a claim on the long-term growth of Binance.

200 million BNB tokens have been created as a maximum supply cap. The Binance token is Ethereum-based and runs as an ERC-20 token.

Every 3 months Binance conducts a BNB token burn based on exchange income/revenue. A maximum of 100m (50% of supply) will be burnt, leaving a total of 100m BNBs remaining following the completion of the burns.

Fees On Binance

The fee schedule on Binance is available here displaying the unique fees for traders based on their monthly trading volumes and BNB token holdings.

Bitcoin Price – Binance

The current price of BTC on Binance is: 6,303.61 USD